sergissamper replied to your video:The telepathy exists.

its time to start learning spanish and catalan i guess..
Today I understood the whole Spanish interview of Xavi YAYYYYYY MEEEE :P as for Catalan it’s still hard *sighs* but here Samper guessed what Busi will do :P

The telepathy exists.

"What is really outstanding about Guardiola is that he doesn’t force his style of football onto his team. He analyses what is best for the team, utilises the special details and through that leads them to the greatest possible success. It’s no coincidence that Spain won the 2010 World Cup with seven of Guardiola’s players, and now Germany with six or seven of his players."

x Johan Cruyff (via cruyffsbeckenbauer)


“There is nothing more encouraging than having a great all-round team.” - Luis Enrique